American Innovation Dollar Mintages

2018 First Patent
American Innovation Dollar

The American Innovation Dollar series honors significant innovation and innovators from each of the 50 states, plus the District of Columbia and the 5 U.S. territories, through a series of rotating reverse designs.

From 2018 to 2032, a total of 57 designs will be issued, consisting of an introductory issue released in the first year and four designs per year for the duration of the series. The release of the coins is determined by the order in which the states ratified the Constitution or were admitted to the Union, followed by coins for the District of Columbia and the five United States territories.

The American Innovation Dollars are considered numismatic items and are not issued for general circulation. The Philadelphia and Denver Mint facilities produce Uncirculated versions available in 25-coin rolls or 100-coin bags. These coins carry either the “P” or “D” mint mark. Proof versions carrying the “S” mint mark are struck at the San Francisco Mint and are available within an annual Proof Set. The San Francisco Mint also strikes Reverse Proof version that are available individually or within special sets.

American Innovation Dollar Mintages:

2018-P Introductory502,150
2018-D Introductory582,825
2018-S Proof Introductory243,567
2018-S Reverse Proof Introductory74,720
2019-P Delaware472,750
2019-D Delaware479,975
2019-S Proof Delaware137,696
2019-S Reverse Proof Delaware66,517
2019-P Pennsylvania490,200
2019-D Pennsylvania443,800
2019-S Proof Pennsylvania137,696
2019-S Reverse Proof Pennsylvania50,866
2019-P New Jersey521,175
2019-D New Jersey476,275
2019-S Proof New Jersey137,696
2019-S Reverse Proof New Jersey46,785
2019-P Georgia474,550
2019-D Georgia455,800
2019-S Proof Georgia137,696
2019-S Reverse Proof Georgia43,420

American Innovation Dollar Mintages Continued:

2020-P Connecticut436,000
2020-D Connecticut435,325
2020-S Proof Connecticut101,593
2020-S Reverse Proof Connecticut43,653
2020-P Massachusetts436,750
2020-D Massachusetts436,425
2020-S Proof Massachusetts101,593
2020-S Reverse Proof Massachusetts43,258
2020-P Maryland434,825
2020-D Maryland435,475
2020-S Proof Maryland101,593
2020-S Reverse Proof Maryland43,926
2020-P South Carolina432,850
2020-D South Carolina397,775
2020-S Proof South Carolina101,593
2020-S Reverse Proof Carolina36,409
2021-P New Hampshire453,825
2021-D New Hampshire450,725
2021-S Proof New Hampshire69,489
2021-S Reverse Proof New Hampshire43,204
2021-P Virginia423,600
2021-D Virginia422,875
2021-S Proof Virginia69,489
2021-S Reverse Proof Virginia43,204
2021-P New York451,750
2021-D New York451,175
2021-S Proof New York69,489
2021-S Reverse Proof New York43,204
2021-P North Carolina405,950
2021-D North Carolina389,725
2021-S Proof North Carolina69,489
2021-S Reverse Proof North Carolina43,204

American Innovation Dollar Mintages Continued:

The mintages presented in the table below are subject to change and reflect the most current information as of November 7, 2023.

2022-P Rhode Island454,050
2022-D Rhode Island453,775
2022-S Proof Rhode Island77,180
2022-S Reverse Proof Rhode Island49,298
2022-P Vermont454,275
2022-D Vermont452,775
2022-S Proof Vermont77,180
2022-S Reverse Proof Vermont49,298
2022-P Kentucky451,900
2022-D Kentucky452,550
2022-S Proof Kentucky77,180
2022-S Reverse Proof Kentucky49,298
2022-P Tennessee452,325
2022-D Tennessee452,275
2022-S Proof Tennessee77,180
2022-S Reverse Proof Tennessee49,298
2023-P Ohio495,125
2023-D Ohio447,450
2023-S Proof Ohio49,936
2023-S Reverse Proof OhioTBD
2023-P Louisiana444,625
2023-D Louisiana411,950
2023-S Proof Louisiana49,936
2023-S Reverse Proof LouisianaTBD
2023-P Indiana459,775
2023-D Indiana443,650
2023-S Proof Indiana49,936
2023-S Reverse Proof IndianaTBD
2023-P Mississippi371,000
2023-D Mississippi352,450
2023-S Proof Mississippi49,936
2023-S Reverse Proof MississippiTBD